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Job Seeker - Susan - K2 K2


Junior Software Developer

“Rich and the TEC-P Program re-opened doors for me in the tech industry.”

Susan was connected to the TEC-P Program through Denver’s Office of Economic Development. Through TEC-P, Susan was provided information to explore my options, assistance with resume development, and company profiles throughout Denver. Not only did the Program provide information, they also encouraged her through a great mentor, Rich who is continuously and relentlessly an optimistic cheerleader for my cause. His direct professional relationship with numerous companies led Susan to be hired by a tech company in downtown Denver. Through financial incentives with companies, TEC-P will pay for part of Susan’s salary as she goes through that company’s training program for their product and services. This will allow employers to hire professionals with a technical background and who are either unemployed or under-employed as a result of the recession.  Thanks to this opportunity, Susan is well on her way to be fully trained and employed with K2 as a Junior Software Developer. 

“I never would have imagined that a career like this was even a possibility. Techtonic Academy has literally changed my life.”

Jose is the son of a janitor and lives in a 2 bedroom house with 6 relatives. He went to 1 year of community college with a focus in software development but found the costs prohibitive. Jose dropped out of college and was working at a restaurant when he applied to Techtonic Academy. He was hired as an apprentice with assistance from the TEC-P grant and quickly started contributing to his Drupal team. Within 6 months he was promoted to Jr. Developer and was overseeing 2 new apprentices. He is currently an employee of Techtonic Group working on a large, complex .Net project.

Employer - Jose Techtonic Techtonic Group


Employer - Dominick at Visser Visser Precision


Casting Engineer

Dominick is being trained in utilizing Flow 3D technology.

Dominick is employed as a Casting Engineer at Visser Precision.  Visser Precision is an Advanced Manufacturing firm that specializes in amorphous casting, precision machining, and additive manufacturing.  Dominic is being trained in utilizing Flow 3D technology that will enable him to analyze a Computational Fluid Dynamics CAD model pre-production. This will enable him to make better informed design and process decisions prior to actual casting while reducing production costs.  These added skills and knowledge will result in a wage gain and eventual promotion to a senior-level position at Visser Precision. 

Brian landed a job as a Facilities Field Engineer earning $90k a year.

Brian became laid off during December 2014 from his previous position as a Services Coordinator-Engineer. During discussions with Workforce Center Staff, he indicated that there was a very limited job selection in the Oil and Gas industry. It was identified that he needed skill training in Lean Six-Sigma in order to find work outside of his industry. Brian is currently working on completing his Lean Six-Sigma program with BMGI. As of September 14, 2015; he has landed a job as a Facilities Field Engineer earning $90,000/year. Congratulations Brian.

Job Seeker - Brian Oil and Gas industry


Facilities Field Engineer
Job Seeker - Jeff at FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


Project Manager

Jeff re-gained employment with FEMA earning $24 per hour.

Jeff was laid off from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in June 2013 thus was identified as a long term unemployed individual that was not likely to return to his previous occupation. Although his previous job was in Project Management, it was necessary to for customer to gain new skills and a credential in Project Management Professional (PMP). Jeff received training assistance through the Denver Office of Economic Development.  As of September 20, 2015, Jeff has completed the PMP course and is currently waiting on his formal credential from Colorado State University.   Subsequently by obtaining his credential, he was able to re-gain employment with FEMA earning $24.00 per hour. Congratulations Jeff.