March 1, 2017 •

Tech Tip from Red Oak Technologies

When looking to make connections, it is important to have a virtual presence. Here are some recommendations from our friends at Red Oak Technologies.

Tech tip from our friends at Red Oak Technologies Inc:
Your LinkedIn profile can be your biggest assets and hindrance of getting a job. Hiring managers are looking very closely at candidates profiles to see both if the dates/ info matches up with theirs resume and how they present themselves in a public forum.
Here are some tips to help you present yourself in a positive and professional way: 
-Have a photo with you in Business attire and smile ( you don’t need to pay for a professional photo, you can even have a friend take one using a basic camera phone)
-Make sure your dates of companies and education on your resume match your profile 
-Connect with people who are in your targeted career –More the better! When profiles only have a few connections it can be a red flag. 
-Get endorsements by previous managers or teachers you have worked with ( companies look at these like the new age reference letter)
-Make sure your profile is 100% complete.