April 27, 2016 • Todd Nielsen

UI UX training cohort begins May 16th. Orientation Sessions May 2 and May 9

Entry Level UIUX training offered in May

Program Overview
The Technology Employment in Colorado Partnership
(Tec-P) is a regional program dedicated to connecting
Colorado’s hidden tech talent with rewarding careers.
The TEC-P program is aimed at helping individuals who
were aected by the recession. We are looking for
candidates who:
Entry Level UI/UX Course
Were unemployed for at least 27 consecutive weeks (6
months) at anytime between 12/01/2007 and the present
Had worked in tech, but were separated from their position or
had trained in tech, but never used their skills
Are underemployed (less than full time) or are working below
their skill set
Were in tech, but are currently in a non-tech position
How it works
If you are accepted to the program, you will receive the
More Info and How to Apply
For more information, visit: www.tecpcolorado.com
Register at: http://www.tecpcolorado.com/job-seekers
Funding eligibility will be determined Denver Workforce
Center sta prior to registration.
Interview and Assesment:
You will be interviewed by Tuliva sta and then take an assessment
to help determine whether an IT career is a good fit
Career Training and Certification
You will be enrolled in a 10 to 20 week course in Information
Technology or Project Management. Upon successfully completing
the course you will recieve certifications to demonstrate your skills to
potential employers.
Job Placement
Tuliva will help you find a job where you can use your new skills. The
salary can start anywhere from $37K on up, depending on your
experience and training.